Aren’t breastfeeding groups all created equal?!

So, you’ve decided that it *might* be a good time to get out of the house. Your partner/husband/person who got you into this mess in the first place has gone back to work leaving you with four walls to look at and you’re literally left holding the baby.


You start looking at all the stuff the health visitor, midwife, G.P, hospital etc gave you regarding all things baby and notice ‘Baby cafe’, ‘Breastfeeding support’ and such like. So much choice! Which one do you choose?

My advice is, decide what you want and then find one that works for you. Each one will have a ‘leader’ that will lead and guide the group in a certain style but overall you’re looking for someone who is an effective facilitator.

What this actually means is you need them to have a set of characteristics that enable the group to be a supporting, encouraging and friendly place to go. ( (2017))

When I went to groups, I often had a list of what it was I wanted to see in the ‘leader’ and below is a combined list of my wants as well as a few that were highlighted by the participants of a course I am undertaking.

  • knowledgable
  • engaging
  • inclusive
  • use humor
  • empathy
  • interested/interesting
  • flexible
  • confident
  • able to deal with conflict
  • focused
  • ask for feedback
  • good listener
  • appropriate tone of voice (not condescending)
  • focused
  • start and finish on time
  • asks “how do you learn?”
  • professional
  • innovative
  • approachable
  • passionate
  • dresses appropriately


Here are a few ways that you can access breastfeeding support groups:


Reference. (2017) ‘Starting a breastfeeding support group’. [online] Available from

(Accessed 26th January 2017)




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